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Copyright protection of the 'Fly Safe tutorials'

All the web (i.e. html) documents included in the 'Fly Safe' sub-domain of www.raa.asn.au are copyright whether or not they display a 'Copyright notice'.

The following are edited, summarised extracts from the Commonwealth Government's 'Style Manual' which explain the essence of the Australian 'Copyright Act 1968' and the 'Copyright Amendment (Moral Rights) Act 2000'.

'The Act protects literary works, including written material in electronic form, that is the result of the author's skill and labour. The owner of the copyright is usually the work's creator. Their may be an exception where the work is created by an employee as a part of employment. However independent contractors [paid or unpaid] are not regarded as being under a contract of service and will generally own copyright in their works unless this has been otherwise negotiated."

[Note: even a list of web links may qualify for protection if the compilation is sufficiently distinctive and is the result of skill and labour.]

"Copyright starts when a work is first written down. Copyright protection is automatic, there is no registration requirement or other formality and no fees are payable. Copyright generally ends 70 years after the author's death.

The Copyright Act does not require inclusion of a copyright line or notice. In Australia, protection exists without them, but the copyright line must appear to provide protection in some other countries.

Copyright is infringed if a person who is not the copyright owner exercises one or more of the owner's exclusive rights without permission. One of those owner rights is to publish the work in print, digital or other media.

The 'Copyright Amendment (Moral Rights) Act 2000 provides the right of authors to be named as the author in respect of their work, and not to have the authorship of their work falsely attributed.

However, you may print and reproduce this material in unaltered form only, retaining the copyright notice and/or the author's name, for your non-commercial, personal use or non-commercial use within a sport and recreational aviation club or flight training facility.

flysafe.raa.asn.au author: John Brandon; 8 August 2011.