Below is a letter from a concerned member,Thomas Philipa, advising that there may be some confusion about whether aeroplanes can be scratch built or designed by anyone wishing to build his/her own aircraft.

Let there be no confusion: if the aeroplane meets the weight, stall speed and builder content limits of CAO 95.55 para 1.5 (and of course it will meet the builder content if scratch built from plans or own design) then it can be registered as AUF Amateur Built.

Tech Mgr       (6 Nov 01)

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Dear Rod

The topic is about an important omission on AUF Web Site.

The web site is very clear about the availability of commercially available ultralight aircraft or the building of imported or Australian aircraft kits but no where does it indicate that members can scratch build an aircraft from a set of plans or for that matter design and build their own aircraft.

This is a very important omission because not every person looking at flying with the AUF is able to afford to purchase a commercially built aircraft, or a 49% built aircraft kit, either from Australia or overseas.

There are many aircraft plans available from which the builder can choose his aircraft, there is no mention on the web site that a person can scratch build or design an aircraft and that this is a clear option for an AUF member or potential aircraft owner.

For any person looking at the web site and wishing to own an aircraft the AUF web site only offers commercially produced products. Often people can not afford them. This is a very definite turn off for potential members or aircraft owners, but the alternatives I have mentioned above that could hold their interest are not offered.

Please amend the web site to include these two very important alternatives and give them the same priority as is given to the commercial products.

Some years ago I put an article on the SAAA web site regards the way one should go about choosing an aircraft design. As a result of this article on the SAAA web site I have had a considerable number of people telephone me at home to talk about their choice of aircraft. Most of the people that telephone me are people who are not pilots but wish to become involved in the ownership of an aircraft and then learn to fly

that aircraft. Unfortunately the SAAA web site has been closed now for a considerable time and its not likely to be reactivated with the inclusion of my article. This article was very important because by the response I received on my telephone, it drew a lot of attention.

Many of the callers include people who wish to build an aircraft from scratch and I have been able to assist a number of persons in making an informed choice in selecting an aircraft for their personal or recreational use. I would volunteer to produce a similar article for the AUF web site.

Thomas Philippa