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Daryl Patterson's SE5A project

Daryl Patterson's SE5

The Royal Aircraft Factory SE5A was probably the best Allied fighter of the First World War. Powered by various 200 hp engines it had a top speed around 130 mph.

Daryl Patterson has spent the past four years building a 3/4 scale SE5A replica. Daryl did the total design himself, no plans to work from, just photos of SE5's and SE5A's. Rather wisely the replica does not include the fixed Vickers gun firing through the airscrew disc. Daryl is a craftsman machinist and based the airframe design on accepted aerodynamic and engineering principles.

The aircraft has now (August, 2001) accumulated about 15 flight hours. This beautifully built aircraft is hangared at Lethbridge Airpark, Victoria, Australia and is bound to be an award winner.

SE5A replica 10-3469
  • Rotax 503 50hp
  • Propeller: 1.73m (68") Brolga 4 blade
  • Fuselage: 4130 chrome-moly steel tube
  • Wings: 2024-T3 aluminium
  • Wing span: 6.1m
  • Wing profile: Clark Y
  • Length: 4.2m
  • Stall: 34 knots
  • Cruise: 65 knots
  • Max. speed: 80 knots
  • Designed and built by Daryl Patterson

Daryl Patterson's SE5