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MAY 2001 OPS 8-2





Reference Ops Manual, Section 2.07-1, PILOT CERTIFICATE, AERONAUTICAL EXPERIENCE, 2., a. "have completed a minimum of 20 hours flying experience in an ultralight aeroplane which shall include a minimum of 5 hours as pilot in command, or ".

It has come to my attention that some CFIs have decided that the "5 hours pilot in command" does not mean solo, but is in fact ICUS (in command under supervision)!

That is not the interpretation of the AUF and the practice is to cease immediately. As far as the AUF is concerned, solo flight is a most important part of the pilot training/learning process and is to be integrated into the latter part of the pilot certificate course.

A revised version of the OPS Manual is imminent and an amendment will be made to remove any possibility of the matter being left to any other interpretation.

Additionally, an amended Flight Crew Certification form has been produced and sample copies are included with this bulletin. Please destroy all copies of the old form. The web page has been updated.


REF.: OPS MANUAL SECTION 95.55 para 4.2: "if a person has wholly built or assembled an aeroplane to which this section applies, or a group of persons has wholly built or assembled such an aeroplane, then that person, or each of those persons, may use the aeroplane for their personal flying training."

Members have questioned the involvement necessary to qualify for the above.

The AUF interpretation is that the " person/s" must have participated in the building project on a repetitive and contributory basis to an amount acceptable to the AUF. Building will be in accordance with Section 3.3.1 of the Technical Manual. "Persons Contributing" must be recorded in the Builder’s Log.

NB. The complexity of the project will determine the "acceptability".