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Lynn Jarvis's Sonex project (1)


Sonex The SONEX is a basic and economical all metal, two place aircraft designed by John Monnet, following on from the successful Sonerai series. It can be built as either a tail dragger or tri-gear and, ideally for Australian builders, it can be fitted with either the 2200 or 3300 Jabiru engine. The Sonex can be registered (19-xxxx) and operated as an "AUF Amateur-built (Experimental)" ultralight in Australia. Straightforward metal construction combined with an enviable performance give us a remarkable aircraft for amateur building in the ultralight category.

I had been watching the Sonex since the original concept and building of the prototype. It has since has exceeded all my expectations as a high performance and easy to fly sport aircraft, so when the time was right for amateur building as an ultralight, I committed to the project and purchased the component kits and engine. Have a look at the links below. I hope that the information and photographs in these pages is useful for prospective amateur builders of any design, but perhaps particularly metal construction.

. . . . . Lynn Jarvis

The next page in Lynn Jarvis's Sonex project details the Sonex specifications.

Lynn Jarvis's Sonex project

  |   1. Introduction  |   2. Sonex specifications  |   3. Building the Sonex  |  

  |   4. The tail and spar  |   5. The wing  |   6. The aft fuselage  |   7. More on the fuselage  |  

  |   8. It all comes together  |  9. The canopy  |   10. The engine  |   11. Electrical  |   12. The cowling  |  

  |   13. Paint and polish  |  14. Moving  |   15. Finishing  |   16. First flight  |   17. Natfly 2004  |

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