The Administrative Sequence in Registering an Amateur Built.

(Extract from AUF Magazine April 2000 Tyro Cover - page 19)


Although it has been written before, many people express confusion over the processes involved in registering an Amateur Built. Here it is again in a different format. There are six stages to final registration:

  1. Confirmation and Understanding of Building Requirements.
  2. Advising the AUF of Intent to Build and receiving confirmation of acceptability.
  3. Applying for Allocation of an AUF Number.
  4. Pre-Flight Final Inspection.
  5. Issue of a Provisional Registration.
  6. Issue of Full Registration.

  1. Confirmation and Understanding of Building Requirements. The builder should consult Section 3.3 of the Tech Manual and CAO 95.55 para 1.5 to determine whether the aircraft will physically comply with the regulations and to become familiar with amateur built policy and building procedure.
  2. Advising the AUF of Intent to Build and Receiving Confirmation of Acceptability. Before commencing the project, the builder should contact the AUF by phone or in writing to confirm that the AUF considers the project meets the requirements that will allow the aircraft to be registered with the AUF as an Amateur Built on completion. Upon receiving this notification of intent, the AUF will advise the builder in writing of its acceptability or otherwise.
  3. Applying for Allocation of an AUF Number. Allocation of an AUF registration number can be requested at any time but it is probably best and cheaper to wait until the project is nearing completion. About two months before the expected first flight, builders might apply for allocation of an AUF number (which will be the final registration number) to enable them to apply markings during the finishing stages. There is a special form for this which is available on request from the Office (no, not bureaucracy – a form is needed to ensure sufficient information is available for the AUF to record the project properly.). Cost of a number allocation is $35 per year plus GST of $3.50 making a total of $38.50, but if the aircraft receives provisional or full registration within 2 months of receiving an allocated number, the initial $38.50 is credited against the cost of the registration proper. NOTE: allocation of a number is NOT a registration and the aircraft cannot be flown at this stage. It can only be flown when a Provisional Registration Certificate is received.
  4. Pre-Flight Final Inspection. When the builder is satisfied that the aircraft has been completed and is ready for flight, the aircraft must undergo the pre-flight final inspection specified in Section 3.3 of the Tech Manual. This involves supervision by an AUF Inspector (details of Inspectors are routinely published in the AUF Magazine).



  1. Issue of a Provisional Registration. Subject to receipt of:

the AUF will issue a provisional registration certificate which will state that registration is "Subject to Annex" the Annex being a requirement document that is attached to the certificate. The Annex will specify the flight test area, the flight test period and any other conditions nominated by the inspector. It will require that the AUF is advised of the completion of the flight test period. It will also require at the end of the flight test period certification from the builder that the aircraft has been amateur built, certification of the empty weight and certification of the stall speed determined during the test period.

Note that in the interests of quick processing, the provisional certificate can be obtained by FAX if you forward the documents by FAX. In this case, the Aircraft data Sheet need not be forwarded by FAX, but should be forwarded as soon as possible by mail.

It is only when the provisional registration certificate has been received by the builder and the registration sticker that comes with it has been attached to the aircraft that the aircraft is permitted to fly (or in the case of FAXed approval, the FAX is carried in the aeroplane).

  1. Issue of full registration. A full registration will be issued (at no cost to the builder) when the correctly compiled Flight Test Completion Form is submitted to the AUF at the end of the flight test period.











Note: All forms required can be downloaded from the Net at or from the AUF Office. You will need: