Recreational Aviation Australia Incorporated (formerly the Australian Ultralight Federation) promotes, stimulates and develops the international activity of light aircraft building and flying — for experiment, sport and recreation. Our member-elected management board, backed up by our very effective full-time managers, are responsible to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority for the administration of our sector of Australian sport and recreational aviation, including the issue of pilots' certifications, aircraft type acceptance, aircraft registrations and the approval — and continuing audit — of flight training facilities. RA-Aus also acts as the advocate of the Recreational Aviation community within the public arena.

But, basically, RA-Aus exists only to ensure that Recreational Aviation aircraft and Pilot Certificate holders are safe to let loose in Australian Class G and Class E airspace without putting the lives or property of others at risk.

If you are interested please read our mission statement.

The RA-Aus monthly journal 'Sport Pilot' — mailed to all association members — is our main communication medium. It is also available to the public via the usual Australian retail outlets, or by subscription.

This article-based web service is published by RA-Aus for its members, and for those interested in flying in a friendly environment — just for the sheer fun of it — or in building or buying their own aircraft; or maybe just interested in learning about grass-roots aviation. All persons have unrestricted access to all material on this site. Our primary aim is to provide an information repository that increases airmanship and safety awareness amongst recreational pilots — world-wide. RA-Aus recommends such aviators review the articles in the tutorials and the index to airmanship and safety matters.

The objectives of this web service (in priority sequence)

1.   Increase airmanship and safety awareness amongst all recreational pilots.

2.   Provide online educational guides for novice and experienced pilots.

3.   Promote worldwide sport and recreational aviation with some emphasis on inducing younger Australians to join the Recreational Aviation community.

4.   Provide an information/document service and other facilities for RA-Aus members, complementing our printed monthly journal Sport Pilot, that being our prime means of communication with members.

5.   Provide market exposure for our clubs, flight schools and Australian aircraft designers, manufacturers and distributors.

Note: the priority sequence of the objectives indicates the relative effort allocated to each. For example; priority one accounts for 40–50% of the effort, priority two 25–35%, priority three 10–15% and priorities four and five are each allocated perhaps 5%.