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About the RA-Aus association and our mission

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About Us

Recreational Aviation Australia Incorporated was established in 1983 as the Australian Ultralight Federation. Since that event Australian recreational/light sport aviation has experienced pronounced growth, certainly there has been a considerable growth in the RA-Aus membership, the number of aeroplanes with RA-Aus registration, the capabilities of the aircraft types available and the number of training facilities and clubs but, far more importantly, there has been real growth in knowledge, efficiency, effectiveness and safety. Very light aviation is no longer purely the realm of dedicated sports and recreational afficionados but has matured into an established, authoritative industry well endowed with professional aviation business people; thanks to this climate the Jabiru Aircraft Company, established five years after our formation, was able to deliver its 1000th aircraft, plus a lot more aero-engines, in December 2005.

Recreational Aviation Australia Inc — a recreational aviation administration organisation — is a non-profit association consisting of individual members and affiliated clubs. Currently [January 2007] RA-Aus has 7000 members, 90% of whom hold, or have held, RA-Aus Pilot Certificates received after flight training at an RA-Aus approved Flight Training Facility. The establishment and growth of these 122+ FTFs was nurtured, post 1985, by RA-Aus after contracting to do so and receiving delegation from the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority's predecessor. RA-Aus and CASA have together put in place one of the best, if not the best, system of very light [650 kg or less] aircraft training in the world.

RA-Aus itself doesn't particularly want to grow bigger but it certainly wants to grow better; and we want to re-instil in the hearts of our younger Australians, and indeed younger people all over the world, an enthusiasm for aircraft and for flying as a recreational sport.

This 'about us' section of the RA-Aus Web service consists of three documents:
You may also view the association's constitution [pdf document] should it be of interest.

The following mission statement is an articulation of RA-Aus board members' and managers' views defining, to everyone within and without RA-Aus, the collective intent of RA-Aus – what we are and what we are trying to achieve, or what is our purpose in being. In doing so it also sets the boundaries of that intention and makes those boundaries visible to all and, hopefully, encourages all RA-Aus members to focus their efforts on the defined purposes.

Our mission

Recreational Aviation Australia Incorporated exists as an association of people drawn together for a variety of aviation related reasons:
  • flying for the sake of flying – but responsibly
  • building their own aeroplane — from plans, a parts kit, even their own design
  • or just interested in new dimensions of grass roots aviation.
Membership is open to all. The RA-Aus maxim is: "Maximum enjoyment – minimum bureaucracy – minimum costs!"
Our purpose
  • To foster, encourage and continually improve the safe and responsible flight activities of powered recreational and sports aircraft within an easily accessible and low cost environment.

  • To foster and encourage the sportsmanship, personal growth and achievement of our members for the general advancement of recreational and sports aviation.

  • To revive, encourage and promote interest in Australian recreational aviation in general and individual participation in recreational very light [i.e. up to 760 kg mtow] powered aircraft flying in particular.

  • To foster, encourage and continually improve the amateur aircraft construction in Australia of single and two place recreational aircraft for educational, recreational and research purposes whilst promoting and maintaining a regulatory framework in which to do so.

  • To foster and maintain the concept of safe owner maintenance of powered one and two placerecreational and sports aircraft.

  • To foster, encourage and continually improve the commercial construction in Australia of single and two place three-axis control aeroplanes, weight shift control aeroplanes and powered parachutes for sport and recreational flying and appropriate member training via the promotion and maintenance of a regulatory framework in which to do so.

  • To foster and encourage the formation and growth of recreational aviation clubs to provide the social and competitive impetus for the development of recreational and sports aviation and pilots and the nurture and care of inexperienced pilots.

  • To maintain self regulation of our recreational aviation activities with the complete confidence of the Australian public as the delegated authority for the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

  • To act as an information resource for counsel to organisations or individuals whose decisions may affect recreational and sports aviation activities and our rights.
Our core values
    These core values are those beliefs which RA-Aus members would generally hold in common and dear to our hearts.

  • Regulation specific to very light aircraft must continue to exist which shall allow RA-Aus members to design and/or build and fly their own aeroplane at their own risk and without undue supervision of the design/build process, but within the regulatory limits of the present CAO95.10, CAO95.32 and CAO95.55 or the future CASR Part 103 categories. Such a concept nurtures knowledge, innovation and enterprise – all qualities which are important in Australia's future.

  • Any appropriately qualified person should, with due care in observance of the flight rules, be able to fly very light aircraft freely – i.e. with minimum regulation – in Class G and Class E air space.

  • Recreational and sports flying shall be affordable and accessible to the maximum number of Australians.

  • The continued development of self administration of our own affairs.
RA-Aus vision – what, or where, we want to be
  • A world recognised authority on the development, promotion and administration of very light recreational and sports aviation.

  • In an alliance – both strategic and operational – with sports and other aviation associations where resources, experience, technologies and skills are shared so that each organisation's development potential is protected and enhanced – at lowest cost – so that Australian aviation is revived, encouraged and promoted; and its future assured.

About Us

If you wish to learn more about RA-Aus please view the pages linked below.

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